Going through the daily grind is tough because I often just see the top portion of work instead of the latter. As one of those workers pulling weight, my responsibility and load does not entirely change. I think remembering who my real boss is will help a lot in navigating through work.

I’m also finding that my focus blurs when I don’t get adequate sleep, nutrition, and time in with Jesus in the word and prayer. Opening myself to him and what he has to say about everything.

Today (5/8/2013) was just so mundane. Work felt routine and dry. There was no life throughout the day if I were to be completely honest. I got things done, but there was no joy, no focus, no heart. Just work. It was tiring and exhausting, yet I didn’t really do what I wanted to do nor did I enjoy it.

I came back home pretty discouraged. Just tired from the day wanting to check out, sleep, eat, or just be foolish with my time. After dinner, I surfed the net for a bit, but I figured maybe it was a good time to shut it off, read what I feel Jesus wants me to read, and rest. I started reading Romans because I felt like there were sins I knew in my mind I was drifting towards such as lust, sloth, fear of man, fear of failure, identity in performance, etc. and I remembered that Romans is brutally clear about the hopelessness of man apart from Jesus. I wanted to see what Jesus would have to say about that and what to do about it. I’m so grateful that Romans is so amazingly hopeful and helpful despite it’s brutal honesty about the evilness of my heart, nature, and soul apart from Christ. Romans 6 is a refreshing reminder of my identity in Christ – dead to sin and alive to him! I can put off the old man though my flesh will try to retaliate because the battle is won by Jesus and sin no longer has power or dominion over me as a slave master. It no longer owns me, but like P. Nick said, we are rescued men. Living in the reality of that is new and unfamiliar, but life giving.

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Husbands: A Tip that Could Save Your Marriage

I came across this article today and I found it convicting. Though I’m still a single lad, I definitely relate to this.

After a long day of work, want to check out, zone out, and peace out.

I think even though I have an ordinary job, the toll it takes on me after a long day is very real. Usually, I come home exhausted. Looking forward to dinner, some TV with family, and maybe reviewing some things I learned from work are the best I can do without exerting any more effort.

However, if family is a priority, then this article is convicting me to take a second and refresh before engaging with the family at home. My family deserves just as much, if not more of my attention than my work and if I fail to do that, then I must say I am not leading my family well.

So here will be some things I’ll try to work on this week:

  • Rest a few minutes in my car after work to refocus before going home. This may help clear my mind from everything that happened during the day and write down things I need to remember for tomorrow. 
  • Pray for rest, focus, and joy in Jesus. I can’t love my family if I’m not experiencing the love of God for myself.
  • Thinking of ways I’d like to connect with my family before going home and then doing it.

Looking forward to this!

Working on Life

Barf From A Day Off Work

Today I am kicking my lazy self in the butt and am working on life. It’s been a few months post-grad and I’ve been more settled. I believe it’s time to get back on track with where God wants me to be and how I should be investing my time, focus, and energy. I know it won’t come overnight, but here are a few ingredients I’m using:

  • Bible & prayer – Gotta start here. The right foundation is essential. 
  • Planner/calendar – For writing down not only daily things to do, but actually ‘seeing’ the next few weeks & months helps in brainstorming loose plans.
  • Notepad – For all the random ideas and to-do’s that pop into my mind. I gotta put it down somewhere or I’ll be overwhelmed and go crazy.
  • Seeking counsel – Bringing my ideas to qualified people that can speak into the ideas that I’ve had
  • Doing it – If I get the green light and the opportunity is there, I’m gonna go for it. No more wasting time. It’s game time.

& For those reading or those that are more seasoned with working on life, how do you maximize your downtime not only for rest (which is really important), but also for monitoring progress with your life? I’d be glad to read your comments below!