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Husbands: A Tip that Could Save Your Marriage

I came across this article today and I found it convicting. Though I’m still a single lad, I definitely relate to this.

After a long day of work, want to check out, zone out, and peace out.

I think even though I have an ordinary job, the toll it takes on me after a long day is very real. Usually, I come home exhausted. Looking forward to dinner, some TV with family, and maybe reviewing some things I learned from work are the best I can do without exerting any more effort.

However, if family is a priority, then this article is convicting me to take a second and refresh before engaging with the family at home. My family deserves just as much, if not more of my attention than my work and if I fail to do that, then I must say I am not leading my family well.

So here will be some things I’ll try to work on this week:

  • Rest a few minutes in my car after work to refocus before going home. This may help clear my mind from everything that happened during the day and write down things I need to remember for tomorrow. 
  • Pray for rest, focus, and joy in Jesus. I can’t love my family if I’m not experiencing the love of God for myself.
  • Thinking of ways I’d like to connect with my family before going home and then doing it.

Looking forward to this!