Exhausted, but First Steps Again

It’s been a rough few weeks.

Tired and worn.

Back at the drawing board and here’s what I got:

  • Availing myself and pursuing spiritual disciplines to connect with Jesus – getting to know him more
  • Proactive with family rhythms and cultivating relationships – with goal of wanting them to meet Jesus
  • Career – dream job course – 1 module a week & earn 1k baby steps. look to transition to a new tech job by end of may / early june. hunt through pa & np for 2015. may not make the 2014 cycle. check registration times for classes and info sessions.
  • Friends – invest and keep track of relationships. consistency and intentionality by recording experiences and following up.
  • Ministry – hand off! Looking to hand off responsibilities by end of April / early May. Convicted to focus on investing in community group and local mission.

Sounds simple, but I need to see this to remember when I get sidetracked or lose focus!