Man, Not Boy. Disciple, Not Fan.

Jesus is leading me to become a masculine disciple.

He calls me to love as he does, but proactively pursuing, humbly repentant, and responsibly clear.

I do not believe Jesus will be pleased that I read all the theological books I can if I didn’t strap up, put on his righteousness, and engaged actively each day of my life to what he puts in front of me to cultivate and nurture – the people, the resources, the opportunities.

I don’t have time for theological debates. 

I don’t have time to wallow in my pride anymore. Jesus prayed for my failures and pulls me up to follow him and march forward.

I don’t have time for speculation – I need to walk and fight as I’m being lead by revelation. 

I don’t have time for church routine, but life altering community with believers and eternity changing encounters with those who do not know the King who pardons our rebellion and invites us into his kingdom to become his heirs, soldiers, bride, and people. 

Jesus will not say “well done, good and faithful servant” to a fanboy who did not know him. Jesus will transform the fanboy into a masculine disciple – just like he did Peter. Just like he is doing me. 

I’m reading through Fatherless America and it’s disturbing. 

Yet, I see what Jesus is doing in me, doing in our church, and his vision for our cities for masculine disciples and I remain hopeful. I want to be first to enlist and first to go through this. I need it. My family needs it. Legacies of my family and city depend on it. We depend on him to do this work. 


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