Debrief 3/13/2014

  • Kings – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6lLYpIUOmY&list=PLcpRY3ZkDHunu8sX0g2k8X9hkvBC5ytpS
  • Sleep – need those 8 hours forreal
  • Praying to and listening to the Spirit first thing in the morning – going outside helps me to get out of myself
  • Learn to preach to the gospel to yourself. You won’t be able to give people what they need otherwise!
  • God is bigger than your doubt – stop listening to your doubt, but listen to your God. 


  • Gospel centered contextualization – message there, but communicate it in a way that audience will receive it – whether its teaching, engaging, language, tone, etc.
  • What went well, what didn’t, what would we like to see
  • Not just getting and knowing the vision, but modeling and showing people how to love! Lead by example.
  • Do not be upset when people do not understand – make your expectations clear, but also provide a way to grow in those good expectations
  • Invest in your people, not just assign them tasks




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