Do You See Me, Son?

Son, do you see me? I am here.

Son, do you see me above your sin? 

Do you see me above the sins of your youth, the sins of your fathers, the sins of your people?

Do you see me high, exalted, and on my throne of glory that I will share with no other?

Son, I am here and I am condescending in my power.

My call cannot be resisted and my adoption of you is certain though you may doubt.

My persistence and steadfastness and long-suffering is for your good.

Son, I see you. I see your frailty. I see your brokenness. I see your doubts. I see your sins. I see the repulsive in you.

But come I will still. I will come as a surgeon, violently removing the disease, performing blood transfusion so you may have life once again. 

Son, make plans in your doubt, but have your faith and confidence in me. I will direct your steps though you plan your way. 

When you look over your shoulder, you will see that your route has been severely altered, but do not alarm. I am the one who is leading you though at times you stray. I will bring you back to the fold and on the way to life again. Do not fear.

So do you see, son? 

Do you see my love for you, your family, your city? These people, including yourself, are mine. 

Son, I will pursue you forever and I will pursue others through you. Do you see this son?


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