Fruitful Procrastination

Sitting over the library overlooking the construction of ELAC is in some ways amazing. I’m seeing a lot of potential here. The eucalyptus smells bring me back to UCSD memories of anxiety, fear, and just really dark and sad moments of my life. As i’m in a new season here back in LA and at ELAC, some things haven’t changed. Jesus hasn’t changed. He’s shown more of him to me than ever before. I’m learning more about myself and other people and I really feel like this is home for me. I love being able to relate to folks here in their struggle. Yet, after being at UCSD and even at Mars Hill, I’m understanding what’s contextualized and how sometimes partiality plays itself out.

To be honest, as I’m looking at the new construction of ELAC, I’m reminded of the reality of things. The people here are not second class. The education is not bad. Nor is the storyline of God inconsistent or different. It’s the same story, the same struggle, just a different context.

It’s moments like these where I get to step back that I’m really challenged to see things how God is seeing them. To live out the reality of equality and no partiality – to see that we share in our humanity and our depravity & that Jesus remains true even here.  


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