Update 2/22

Things I’ve been learning

  • Lead from weakness. You rely on the Savior. As you lead from that – others lean on Him too. We lean on Him together. People don’t need to lean on me – they need to lean on him and so do I.
  • Work ethic and rest. Push it when you gotta push it. Rest when you gotta rest. Don’t settle for cheap rest (facebook, youtube, blogs). Settle for good times with Jesus, inactivity/exercise, music, prayer, Scripture, and meditation.
  • Even when you sin, Jesus’ grace got you covered. Stop listening to yourself and other voices. When you do well, you can be thankful and look at how far you’ve come because of what Jesus did to you and for you. 
  • Jesus is always in progress and forward motion for you. Not that you won’t make mistakes or sin, but he will use every circumstance and situation in your life to grow you and help you grow closer to him and others. Be expectant as you look forward for these things. Count it all joy as James reminds you. 
  • Rich or poor – the issue is the heart. Holiness is the focus. Look into this. 
  • Give grace to dad. Not sure how to lead him as a son though. 

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