War, Death, Hope, and Jesus

War is brutal and taxing not only to the body, but to the mind, to the heart, and to the soul.

Spiritual warfare is in a whole other dimension. The battle is outside. The battle is around you. The battle is within you. It is constant, hand to hand, day to day, slugging it out for the glory of God, to the joy and good of all peoples – starting with yourself, your family, the church, and the city. 

Casualties of war are everywhere. The enemy mocks continually. He deceives, lies, destroys, and ultimately kills – sometimes slow, sometimes quickly and swiftly. 

The ravages of war are intense, yet the hope is that Jesus has already won the war. The war has been won by our King. He has disarmed the enemy and we are the mop up crew. We can rejoice! Even though the body is weak, the mind is failing, the soul is shaken at times, our hope does not end nor does it fade because it rests in Jesus himself. He has won the war and calls us to fight with him by his power.


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