The Father’s Love, Repentance, Identity, and ….

What do you think about when you think about a father’s love?

Is it non-existent for you because your father was never there? Is it disappointment, frustration, and anger because of all the ways he has failed you and your family because he didn’t lead well? Is it just resistance because you are rebellious and you hate him?

God as Father has been showing me more of himself this week. He’s showing me that He is a perfect Father. One who never leaves, who never quits, who is always watching out for me, and doing what is necessary to help me find my rest, life, and joy in him. Correcting me (in love) when I am wrong. Leading me through fears of what may come. Focusing my eyes on him and off distractions. Helping me see others as he sees it. He’s shown me that he is good. Not pretty good, but perfectly good. So good I can only see a glimpse of it and I can’t even handle it.

It’s the Father’s love that has helped me to see my sin. To see ways in which I have failed. To see how he guides me away from it. To see how he walks me through it. To reveal it and destroy it because it gets in the way between us and the family.

It’s the Father’s love that secures my identity. Seeing that he gives my identity to me. I don’t need to restlessly and hopelessly work for it. I don’t need to attain it. I only need to receive it from him as he gladly gives it.

It is the Father’s love that helps all these things consummate in obedience. As I start to see that he is good, I see my sin, yet I see the newness of life he calls me to and gives me in Christ – all these things compel me to respond. And I can’t help but to respond in thankful, restful obedience.

It’s definitely an amazing life.

Random note – NBA journalists, bloggers, and sports writers are modern day false prophets. They draft up proposals and what ifs that never happen and they get paid for it.

New D Rose commercial talks about something interesting. His identity is not in the wealth, fame, or lifestyle of the NBA, but basketball is his idol.


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