The Deceived Slave and the Enslaved Free Man

The Deceived Slave says to himself I am free! I have freedom to choose more chains for myself. I have freedom to choose which chambers I would like to be imprisoned by. Look at my freedom! Oh let me boast in my choices! You fool that walks freely not in slavery – you miss the blissful freedoms of choosing the yolk and the noose. Come – experience this freedom of choice with me!

The enslaved free man has no chains and is out of the cage. Yet, in his mind, he still believes that he is enslaved. He believes his life is still in chamber 3 with the noose. He believes his freedom is found in choosing chambers and different quality rope for his noose. 

The Master says to both men – my sons, you both are enslaved. He says to the deceived slave flee folly my son! Do you not see you are enslaved? You choose your chambers believing you are free – you deceive yourself into a reality that is not there. You believe in a freedom that is short sighted of what is true freedom that I will free you with. He says to the enslaved free man – my son do you not see that you are already free? Walk in your freedom son, for I have set you free. Do not go again back into chamber 3 with the noose. Your freedom does not lie there as you have once believed. Your freedom is not being in bondage, in the cage, or your ears between the rope. Your freedom has been given to you son – open your eyes and see! Let me lead and walk with you each step out of this enslavement you have placed upon yourself. My sons, be free and do not turn away at my instruction and call. Come to me and your chains will be free. 


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