Things The Government Can Do to Positively Impact the Legacy of Our Children and Grandchildren

  • Make pornography illegal. It’s destroying men, the future of the family, women, children, and the basic unit of society. I don’t care how much money our government makes on taxing this industry. It is unjust blood money at the expense of millions of lives that cut deep into their souls, physical, mental, and relational well being. It must end. 
  • Develop programs that develop, train, and discipline men to lead and love their families 
  • Get the heck out of debt. It’s ridiculous
  • Not just look at our reputation or image as a country, but rather rightly assess the health of our people. If our people aren’t doing well, we should be focusing our efforts here. A good portion of our problems are preventable – i.e. social, economic, physical, etc. 

Things we can do as citizens

  • Don’t give the government crap. Provide helpful insight, but with a heart willing to serve, not to be served. Not a sense of entitlement or nonsensical criticism, but one of collaboration and submission. 
  • Do anything and everything you can to be a part of the solution and not the problem. 
  • Leverage whatever situation you are in to either bring about awareness or change. 

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