Deceiving self by singing

Maybe what I am saying here is a bit extreme, but I had a funny image that came to mind. I remember a few months back when I babysat a dozen or so kids, the parents wanted me to spend time with the kids and lead them in Jesus songs. It was amazing! Their enthusiasm was intense, their singing was right on, and they new all the lyrics by memory. I really enjoyed the singing, but when the music was over, all the kids wanted was just to play and do their own thing. Whether it was watching a cartoon, play, or whatever. Man, don’t we do that? Do I do that? Do I get pumped about Jesus on Sundays without thinking about what after? What about on Thursdays when things get weary and exhausting? Where is Jesus? He is still faithful. He is still there. He is still leading. I’m sure there are days that I just look away and see days that are completely not attached to his mission of making disciples and planting churches. Ha! I’m just like those kids. Glad the Holy Spirit is leading me out of it. 


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