Little White Lie

I was given an opportunity today to tell a little white lie. 

You know, one of those that “won’t hurt anyone” (just as long as you keep it between us) kind of little white lies. 

I made the decision to not participate in telling the little white lie, but afterward it really got me thinking. 

Clearly, it’s the right thing to do – but why?

I may gain a lot from telling the little white lie!

No one will ever find out! Woohoo scotch free!

But in reality, I think at the heart of it was not wanting to dishonor Jesus and proclaim his justice and goodness. 

Things are never “just between us” – Jesus sees the hearts of men – including myself. 

So that then begs the question: have I done this before? 

Probably! All those little tests and answers I used to get an inch up to beat people in class. All the shortcuts I took. 

Man, I wonder if even submitting that record for my speeding ticket was worth it. I probably should have just confessed guilty. So what if my premium goes up? That’s my fault. Maybe I should just pay it, go to traffic school, and learn from my mistake. 

Lots of situations like that – the little white lies that add up and are all before the face of God. Yet, it is not self-righteousness that propels me to decide, but rather a response knowing that Jesus is there and obeying out of respect, fear, and love knowing that his grace is upon me and that it pleases him and brings me joy when I go through life as he leads and not rebel. 


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