Missing UCSD

First day back at class in ELAC. 

Flurry of emotions throughout the day, but overall, Jesus has been grounding my heart in him and has been giving me a lot of hope in him and the progress that is to come in the months ahead. 

While sitting in class and hearing some material that I’ve previously learned, memories both good and bad (mostly bad) of times at UCSD came up. Very nostalgic feelings of times I stressed out and busted my butt to get stuff done and learning things was both painful and yet gave me a lot of closure I think.

As I was sitting in class, I started to understand something I didn’t get in college. The point of learning was not to glorify yourself by beating everyone. The point of learning is to bring glory to God by enjoying, stewarding, and interacting with what you learn and use that to bless others as well as being amazed by the limited amount of detail I get to learn in light of the true reality of creation that God has made. It’s mind boggling, but amazingly comforting knowing the God that made all the things I’m learning about is my Father. It is comforting knowing that everyone in class is learning about it alongside me. Though many are on different playing fields – some with tons of work experience, some with tons of life experience, some still fresh to everything – we’re all in it. There’s something about that lack of unhealthy competitiveness and the freshness of the humble desire to learn that I really love and appreciate at ELAC that I haven’t seen anywhere else. It’s a great environment to foster learning I believe.

Anyway, lots of things to say. Day started rough, but God smoothed out the edges and brought me through it. Thankful to Jesus for a long, but great day. 


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