Responsibilities, Community, and Priorities

Next week begins a new transition and somewhat new season of life. Here are a few responsibilities that are coming my way:

  • Part time @ ELAC
  • J Hunting
  • More time with fam
  • Fin Peace U

Here are also some changes that are coming and may come:

  • No CG as of yet. Trying to get a section change at night & figuring out what community is going to look like for the next 3 months
  • May have to look for new housing next year

Priorities for the next few months

  • Fam
  • Hunting
  • Juggling classes
  • Finances

I think the most tempting thing to do looking forward is just running into it head first at 100mph without any room for rest or stops. Being intentional about my days are going to be difficult, but I think by God’s grace I’ll be able to navigate.

One thing in particular that I am really looking forward to processing and walking through in community is a book by Ed Welch called “http://www.amazon.com/Shame-Interrupted-Lifts-Worthlessness-Rejection/dp/1935273981“.

Off time will be spent studying for Pharm Tech, hunting, resting, and studying.


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