Journaling 6/16/2013

Wow it’s been a while! I don’t have too much to say, but just wanted to share a few links that were thought provoking and helpful for me recently. Here ya go:

And I guess I will share a bit about what’s been going on since it is Father’s Day. God has been showing me a lot the past couple of weeks. Here’s some context:

  • Our community group leader’s father passed away this week before Father’s Day. This comes at a time that has been rough for him and the family for various reasons and that really stopped me in my tracks this week to really sit and reflect on my relationship with my dad in relation to my relationship with God the Father. I’ve been convicted that I have not loved my dad well and have held on to things to be bitter about instead of forgiving him and loving him toward Jesus. Good news is that Jesus is showing me this and is leading me through continual repentance by praying, seeing, and acting upon things I see I can do and become more loving to my father and family.
  • Being a young man in my early 20’s, there’s a lot to be hopeful and thankful about. As I look at the legacy of men in my life, there has been examples of terrible tragedy as well as encouraging and powerful examples of consistency, faithfulness, and strength. Being able to visually see and be a part of the legacy my grandparents set for me and others in my family have been amazing. I see areas in which there have been massive failure. I’ve also seen areas of amazing success and wisdom. I think I’m just really fortunate by God’s grace to see, appreciate, and am able to start thinking about what this may look like for me and the new legacy that Jesus is calling me to leave for generations to come for my family and for those around me.
  • Jesus is awesome. Really, he is the best. If it weren’t for Jesus, none of this would be possible. The Holy Spirit has also been amazing to show me so many things that Jesus wants me to see, learn, repent of, and grow in. I deeply love and appreciate His patience, love, mercy, and grace toward me. I feel like walls of lies are always being torn down when I read scripture and pray because I see and communicate with Him more clearly than ever before and it’s just exciting to see that God Almighty is so humble that he would have relationship with a man like me. I love Him for being an amazing God he truly is incredible.

Things that I am spontaneously thankful for:

  • The church families that I’ve been able to be a part of – Harvest, Trinity, and Mars Hill. God has used these three churches in crucial and essential times in my development and life to shape me into the man that I am today and is setting a trajectory that will change not only my destiny and legacy, but for that of my family and city. I am very grateful for my family and extended family in Christ and I do long for the day in which we can all be together and recall God’s faithfulness, work, and power through us and in us when we were on earth together. It will be a sweet, sweet time of fellowship with one another and Jesus I think!
  • My family. Most do not yet know Jesus, but God has given them a ton of grace I believe. Words can’t describe the amount of grace poured out to my family and so I am thankful. I am praying for them to meet Jesus! Especially the grandparents.
  • My city. I am thankful to be born in the context and time in which I was born. Sounds funny, but I’m actually really glad to be here and nowhere else in the world. There are always needs, but wanting to see people in my city meet Jesus and have their lives and families forever changed would be an amazing thing. To see others so similar to my extended family meet Jesus would be beautiful and great!
  • For extended family in Christ in Shanghai. I really miss them. I only got to meet them and be with them for a month a few years back, but there hasn’t been an extended period of time when they do not cross my mind. I remember being there was really hard, but they had Jesus and He was all they needed really. I loved how Jesus was working in them and through them as well as seeing the Holy Spirit move in their lives and how they responded to God, one another, the city, and even the government. I really do miss them and I would love to see them again one day. (I should really look into how to reconnect and engage with them again.)

Alright folks. I just spilled my head out. Take what you find was helpful and edifying. Trash the rest.