Journaling 5/15/2013

I’m catching a breadth admist the fighting. It is a time for rest. 

I’ve never had a week quite like this. I’ve never had a week in which the reality of God, the reality of the church, the reality of the world, and the reality of my life and those around me become so raw and real. 

A few things I must jot down before I forget:

  • The reality of war. I’m fighting, God is leading, and equipping by His command, at his word, by His Spirit. The battle is for the souls of people for Jesus’ glory and honor. Abiding in Him and sticking close is integral and cannot be compromised. 
  • A desire to see the mission advanced. For people to meet Jesus and be changed by Him to grow, lead, and find others and point them to Jesus. Specifically, in a local context among this huge immigrant community. They comprise the bulk of the area and I would like to see God move among his people here. I’d love to see call people to salvation and see them experience life in Christ as they see, savor, and love God as he pours out his love to them. I loved going to the random boba place with Emily to find tons of young people there despite the hugely immigrant city. For some reason, young people love to chill in our area because it’s cheap and it has good food. Maybe this is a great opportunity to get to know people and bring Jesus to them!
  • Back to the personals – pharm tech or career advancement must proceed. I think I’ve been lagging and lazy and I need to continually repent and grow here. I hope to find much grace as God leads me through it. 

Ok – I’m tired. Guess I won’t elaborate on everything, but I guess things have been pretty great recently. I’ve been given the opportunity to begin apprenticing. I’ve been feeling the conviction to love and serve my family more. I’ve been wanting to study harder and work well to steward well and image God and to incarnate where I’m at. All of this is possible because Jesus has forgiven me of all my sin, empowers me to live by His power, gives me His mission, and leads me forward each day with the mission at hand. I don’t think any day can be boring anymore when I realize this. 


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