Journaling 5/5/13

After briefly sharing with a good friend of mine about all amazing things that God is doing in this season of life, he encouraged me to journal it as a means of processing (& maybe as a means of proclaiming?).

Anyway, so I’ll share something at least once a week on what God has been showing me, where I was, what happened, what I felt, and summarize what I learned through the experience(s).

So let’s begin.

  • TGIM, T, W, Th, and F! Work as a means of worship to Jesus. Same God, different context and different applications. This has huge implications for how I interact with the boss, my coworkers, developing and collaborating with others, and just personal accountability and discipline knowing that Jesus is who I work for. The Boss of the bosses. 
  • Identity in Jesus – so crucial to working out the gritty everyday lies and attacks the enemy and flesh throw at my mind, heart, and soul. Gotta get to know the word better and fight more aggressively & be sure to rely on the Spirit to fight and not just run into battle.
  • Repentance as a means to worship and life in Christ. It sucks to die to self, but it’s better to live in Christ and put sin to death. I have weaknesses and sins that can become very destructive to myself and others if not addressed and killed soon.
  • Looking forward to apprenticing. Have a general idea of what it will look like, but still not entirely sure on details. I just know Jesus will be at the center and that’s enough for me.

In terms of a specific experience or realization, I think what I’m seeing is that the partial truths that the world appreciates in some sense have been all plagiarized from God haha. I noticed that my parents always gravitate toward stories you hear in the news about rich people who do not flash their wealth. My folks respect and appreciate that humility of someone in a position of authority, prestige, and glory being down to earth just like them. But isn’t that just a shadow of who Jesus is? Jesus was in the highest position of glory, prestige, honor, and power and yet he chose to live as a man like us to not only show us his character of humility, but to save us from our sins and redeem and restore us back to God the Father.

Also, another thing that has been on my heart has just been a general sense of heartache that I’ve been feeling for years now. In the churches that I have been a part of and seen, the gospel oftentimes is not at the center as it should. I think Jesus makes cameo appearances when we get serious, but more often than not, I’m seeing that churches gravitate toward counseling, self-help, cultural exclusivity, and denominational distinctives instead of throwing away all of their agendas and asking Jesus what He would like to do with his church. It is his church after all isn’t it? It’s hard to accept the fact that family in Christ are living busy, distracted, defeated, and confused lives because they refuse to realize that Jesus is all they really need not only on Sunday, but everyday in their lives as a people. In so doing, I believe the enemy has a huge stronghold because he is using that to distract us from Jesus, keeping us busy and not abiding in Jesus, and undermining Jesus’ mission to our perishing family and neighbors. Honestly, that’s heartbreaking for me because I see no shortage of churches in my region and yet I do not see much lasting, sustainable fruit among God’s people. It deeply concerns me and I would like to be involved.

On the flip side, I must admit that I have not stewarded well the things God has placed in front of me. Though it is good to want to love, serve, and lead people to Christ, I think I severely lack in spiritual and practical maturity. I think this season of life should be really be focused on the basics that I will build on for the rest of my life – which is on Jesus himself. It’s simple enough to remember, but it will be widespread and somewhat constantly changing in application. No one week will look the same, but I’m praying and anticipating progress as the weeks, months, and years progress from this point onward. I’ve been given some pretty straightforward and helpful instruction on what it means to be a man that walks with God, loves his family, works his job, and serve the family of God. I think these general themes will run the course of my life and whatever that looks like will remain to be seen. In the meantime, I must make a general plan ‘in pencil’ and be flexible to change as the Spirit leads.


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