Recently, things have been stirring and I think fruit is beginning to sprout. Sprout? Come out – whatever.

It’s been good. Things have gotten harder in life and at work, but Jesus has been amazingly faithful to show me, grow me, rebuke me, and love me through it all. He’s showing me more what it means to follow him daily at work, at home, and when no one else is watching except Him. 

He’s surrounded me with great community that points me back to him. He’s giving me and my family relational grace to be able to grow together and love each other more. He’s giving me practical wisdom on not only how to think about my career, but in such a way that it does not compartmentalize my life. Instead, he’s showing me that a few things are key – Him, the gospel, and people. Whatever serves that purpose and whatever I can utilize effectively to serve Him – let’s go with that. 

He’s also sanctifying me! For the first time in a long time, I’m putting sin to death consistently by the His power and I’m so happy that I am not a slave to my sin any longer! There is freedom from sin and a life of righteousness from him that I can not inherently produce. It’s been such a joy to receive that and experience that! Even as I am thinking through all of this, my affection and love for Jesus is growing as I see how much he loves me in spite of who I am. 

In short, Jesus is awesome and I’m joyful, thankful, overwhelmed, and happy that he loves me and is redeeming my life.


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