Is it possible? With God, all things are possible.

To hate sin and love the sinner? 

Yes. Absolutely.

Does that mean the consequences of that may vary from slight to extremely severe?

Yes. Probably.

I’m going to be honest about a few things. 

  1. I’m not entirely sure about where I stand with the gay marriage legislation debate going on.
  2. I know it is my privilege and desire to want to get to know people in the homosexual/gay community and understand where they are coming from, understand the struggles they are going through, and the inhumane ways in which they have been treated by people. 
  3. I do believe that God is the greatest authority above all men – straight, gay, transgender, bisexual, etc. So whatever Jesus says is true – I’d trust him and not myself or other people. I know that for a fact because Jesus is God! Jesus was killed for telling the truth and so I expect hostility when I side with Jesus and say that all men are sinful – gay or straight and that we all need salvation from our sins. I personally, as a single man in Christ, am putting to death my enslavement to pornography and sexual sin. Though it is natural for me, though it is pleasurable to me, though it is legal, and though many men do it in our world, God has shown me that He is real and is showing me how my sin, not just sexual, but as a whole, separates me from Him and others and deserves wrath because He is holy and just. However, in his love, Jesus came to pay that penalty for my sin and accomplishing salvation on my behalf. That grace is extended to single men that are stuck in sexual sin, as well as gay men and women. So let’s not make distinctions about who is a greater sinner. Scripture calls us to examine ourselves and our sin before we even venture to point out others’ sins and rightly so. It allows you to deal with your sin first with Jesus and then working through that, you are able to minister, love, sympathize, and walk with those who are also in sin (though different sins may have different implications practically for life). 
  4. I do see that there are many factors that play into why homosexual marriage is getting a lot of a attention and in some sense rightfully so. I would agree with the gay community that abuse, neglect, and assault on anyone, including gays, is not right nor God honoring. However, I would also agree with those that do believe that marriage is intended for men and women and that gay marriage is also not God honoring in a similar way that married men are not loving their wives well, not leading their homes well, and single men being tragically enslaved to pornography. Though gay marriage is gaining greater acceptance and there are many convincing reasons for it (i.e. normal kids growing up, marriage benefits, social equality etc.), my concern is not simply about what will happen in the lifetime of our culture, but what is to come before God in judgement and the most important relationship that anyone could ever have and that is with Jesus. In some sense, I have less concern about what will happen with legislation than I do about the lives of my fellow men – whether gay or straight. We all need Jesus whether or not we realize it. 

I know this may be just a rant, but those are some things that have been on my mind after talking to a friend from law school. We were talking about the gay marriage legislation and honestly we didn’t come up with any particular solutions in regard to the law. However, what I did see was that regardless of what happens with the law, God calls me to love my neighbor as myself – which means to point them to the only source of true life and that is Jesus himself. Jesus loves gay people more than I do. I’m sure he can speak to them and love them in ways that I am incapable of doing so.

At the same time, I am not saying I support or not support homosexual marriage in legislation. I do believe that that homosexuality is a sin (along with a myriad of other ones such as greed, envy, lust, etc.) That isn’t a popular or well tolerated belief, but again, Jesus was killed for telling the truth because people didn’t want to hear what God wanted to say so I’m going to expect that, though I don’t welcome it nor like it, I do think that Jesus is right because he’s God!

Back to my point – though all of us have sin, I don’t want to single out homosexuality as the only one (though many people are singling it out as THE issue). 

Here’s a quick rant on those who are knuckleheads and religious, cause-oriented folk (gay and straight). Your lying, cheating, and hatred is just as damnable so don’t point fingers before you look at your own sin, repent, and receive salvation from Jesus. He wants good for you, but he will not condone your hatred of people made in his image and likeness (straight or gay). Your sin is just as bad as anyone else’s and it was so bad that Jesus had to die for it (me included). So shut your mouth if you don’t have truth in love that points people to Jesus. You aren’t helping. 

On the other hand, I want to appeal to those of you who do see that homosexuality as a sin. Again, I would say to you do not be quick to take the spec out of your brothers eye before you take the log out of your own. Deal with your life and your sin first. Be reconciled to Jesus because He’s extending that invitation to you – straight or gay. 

I’d also want to appeal to those of you who are in the gay community and are suffering a lot. Honestly, I don’t know you too well. I do know that you’ve gone through much and I would like to know, understand, and see what are ways in which you are being mistreated as people and would want to see justice on your behalf. Ultimately, I would love for you to meet Jesus. He would be able to sympathize with you in ways I cannot. He was a single man who lived and died a single man until his early thirties. I’m sure there were people who mocked him as gay or different because of that. He was a man, not unlike you, that went through extreme misunderstanding, abuse, and torment because of who he was. And the crazy thing is, he did it all for the sake of saving us from ourselves so that we can be reconciled to him to be accepted, saved, loved, and forgiven to have new life in Him. 

I don’t have an agenda about your life. I don’t know how to speak into your lives collectively. All I know is, if your connected to Jesus, true life happens. You can know God! You can be saved from judgement and hell and eternal separation from God! You can also rejoice in sufferings in the life no matter how hard it gets. I’ve heard of families being killed because they love Jesus in a regions that are hostile to Christians. I’ve heard of pastors being beheaded in front of their families because they love Jesus. However, if you know Jesus, you count it all as loss for the sake of knowing him. Whether we are accepted by men, society, or the world – it does not matter. What matters is we are accepted by our Lord and Maker. Our true lover. Our only God who is completely faithful and loves us with a perfect love and affection. Our only God who saves not only you, but others as well. 

God is real. Sin is real. Justice is real. Jesus is real. Hope is real. Salvation is real. Our pain and sufferings in the world is real. But take heart, Jesus is alive. He knows what we are going through and He calls us to himself. Friend, I hope you find rest in that. Whether you are gay or straight. I hope that you see Jesus as Savior because there is no one more worth it than Him. 


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