Take Heart My Brethren

Dear passive, cowardly, and weak brethren,

I write to you as one of your own. I write to you as one who still struggles with passivity, cowardice, fear, and weakness. In your mind, all hope is lost for strength, faithfulness, and true humility.

Take heart, brethren. Jesus is alive! He has come for you in spite of all that you are to save you from yourself as he has saved me from my brokenness. To save you from your sins of omission, passivity, abandonment, irresponsibility, and prideful self-depreciation.

Take heart – for he will give you your worth, your identity, and your life if you will only receive it!

No longer will you be enslaved to your desires for comfort, convenience, and self. For in our Savior we see the lengths of pain, suffering, selflessness, and initiative He took upon Himself to save us from sin and death so that we may have LIFE. Not just eternal life in freedom, but it begins now.

Take heart brethren – for the King has come for a weak people like us. Let us rejoice and thank Him for what He is doing, has done, and will do!


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