Vision of the Week: Recovering Biblical Manhood

So I’ve noticed that my enthusiasm, drive, and focus in general slowly tapers off as the toll of work and life comes throughout the week. One new thing I’m excited to try out is keeping a vision of the week. It’ll be something I keep going back to as the week goes on to help me refocus, re-energize, and push forward. 

After deciding to transition to Mars Hill, I’m not making ministry an idol, working on life, focusing on following Jesus, and killing sin and all that good stuff. So things have been going well overall. 

So back to the whole vision thing, I’m going to try to focus on one or two things that get me excited, re-energized, and replenished. 

I’m going to keep it simple and I’m going to just throw it out there that the purpose is still after the glory of God so it’s going to fall under that umbrella. 

Well, one thing that has gotten me pretty excited about recently is growing in biblical manhood. I think that will be it for this week. I can already see some things that I’d like to get done because of that. Let’s do it!


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