I absolutely LOVE reading from this translation. Haters can go hate – imma get some more spiritual grub if you don’t mind. 


The Final Word

The final word is never said by others, never by Satan and the enemies, never by myself – the final word rests with God and what he says of me in Christ. 

Received as forgiven, restored, made new, blessed, saved, gifted, loved, accepted, and strengthened.

Even when there are times of failure, the battle continues in war and the victory is certain. 


Take Heart My Brethren

Dear passive, cowardly, and weak brethren,

I write to you as one of your own. I write to you as one who still struggles with passivity, cowardice, fear, and weakness. In your mind, all hope is lost for strength, faithfulness, and true humility.

Take heart, brethren. Jesus is alive! He has come for you in spite of all that you are to save you from yourself as he has saved me from my brokenness. To save you from your sins of omission, passivity, abandonment, irresponsibility, and prideful self-depreciation.

Take heart – for he will give you your worth, your identity, and your life if you will only receive it!

No longer will you be enslaved to your desires for comfort, convenience, and self. For in our Savior we see the lengths of pain, suffering, selflessness, and initiative He took upon Himself to save us from sin and death so that we may have LIFE. Not just eternal life in freedom, but it begins now.

Take heart brethren – for the King has come for a weak people like us. Let us rejoice and thank Him for what He is doing, has done, and will do!


Vision of the Week: Recovering Biblical Manhood

So I’ve noticed that my enthusiasm, drive, and focus in general slowly tapers off as the toll of work and life comes throughout the week. One new thing I’m excited to try out is keeping a vision of the week. It’ll be something I keep going back to as the week goes on to help me refocus, re-energize, and push forward. 

After deciding to transition to Mars Hill, I’m not making ministry an idol, working on life, focusing on following Jesus, and killing sin and all that good stuff. So things have been going well overall. 

So back to the whole vision thing, I’m going to try to focus on one or two things that get me excited, re-energized, and replenished. 

I’m going to keep it simple and I’m going to just throw it out there that the purpose is still after the glory of God so it’s going to fall under that umbrella. 

Well, one thing that has gotten me pretty excited about recently is growing in biblical manhood. I think that will be it for this week. I can already see some things that I’d like to get done because of that. Let’s do it!



I just re-watched this movie a good friend of mine gave me back in high school. 

It was definitely helpful to slow things down a bit and just to enjoy the moment. 

The past few years, getting caught up in so many things. 

I’m glad to be home with family and I get to spend time with them. I’m glad to get to know some amazing people who love Jesus and love his people. I’m glad I’m not in grad school so I can appreciate all of this and stop for a moment before I make any more impulsive and crazy decisions about life. 

I’m so glad that God knows me so well that He knew what I needed before I even knew. 

I think he’s opened my eyes to see that life is short. It’s all about Him, yes, but He has so much in store for me! It may not be all glamour and what I may want it to be, but I do believe it will be glorious. I love that He cares so intimately about the little things. He knows me so well. So, so well. God is so good. 

Watching Elizabethtown was nice because I think we all can somewhat relate to Drew. Going a bajillion miles an hour and we bend inward in our sin that it not only destroys us but the relationships of those around us. Through the death of his father and the life of a Claire, he is puts to death the old life and is given a new one. He sees that striving after the wind is pointless, but rather to live life each moment can be satisfying and glorious.

I really appreciated that. I’m entering a season where big changes may occur. One second I may be in class all day. Another second I may be head deep into a career. The next day I may meet the Mrs. and we will marry and start a new family together. Who knows? Whatever may come, I hope I do not forget that life is all about Jesus and the life he has already planned for me here. I know by His love and sovereignty that I won’t miss out. Not one second. 


The Little One

Went to go visit grandparents today with the folks. 

I was spending some time with my baby cousin and she asked an interesting question – “Why do you love me?”

I responded by saying – “I just do!” & she said “yay!”. Haha she’s adorable!

She really does have childlike faith it’s amazing. I always am so blessed and learn a lot being around her when I am able to. I love that she’s so verbal about everything. It makes loving her a lot easier lol.