Not A Question Of If, But Should

I’m realizing that there is a sweetness about no longer questioning whether I should be doing certain things, but instead just doing them. 

For instance, not questioning whether or not I should work hard at work and give it my all, or loving my family well towards Jesus, or committing to the local church and serving and giving. It’s not a matter of if’s, but I should be doing those things. You see it throughout Scripture I think. People don’t question if they should do normal day to day things that we normally question, but their main focus is getting the job done and doing it well. 

I don’t think Paul in Acts wavered much, if at all, his mission to preach and spread the gospel. I don’t know if he woke up in the morning and said, is this really worth it? If I didn’t become a Christian, what would life be like? Even if he did, God’s presence and work in his own life would have been enough to remind him to keep steady and focused on what was before him. 

Same thing with Hezekiah. Reading how he restored temple worship was amazing because it records that he did it well and was seeking God throughout every thing he did, with all his heart, and he prospered. Boy I want to be able to do that! Killin it at home, killin it at gathering, killin it at work, because God is killin it in me. I want that!

So before going to work this morning, the question is really not if I should work hard or kill it at work, but it’s that I should be doing that and the question becomes how would that look like moment to moment as I seek the Lord in everything.


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