Cultural vs. Countercultural Dating

Yesterday in community group, we had a dating 101 and it was pretty awesome. Here’s a taste at some things I took away from it:

Cultural Dating:

  • point: none or sin
  • goal: happiness
  • influence: movies, books
  • actions: consume
  • purity: it belongs to me
  • bond: physical attraction
  • foundation: feelings

Counter-cultural Dating:

  • point: marriage
  • goal: holiness
  • influence: biblical community
  • actions: serve
  • purity: it belongs to God
  • bond: committed friendship
  • foundation: Jesus

Also learning about how to protect the sisters and help guard their hearts was important. Ways in which we communicate with them – not just content, but tone, attitude, expression were all important things the ladies shared with us about how to get the point across. 

I think the last takeaway was learning to wait on God and how that is actually active. Some questions for my own personal digestion were the ones that were brought up yesterday afternoon.

  • What character traits do I need to grow in?
  • How do I need to mature as a person & as a Christian?
  • Where am I in life? Is the timing right?
  • How am I becoming the person that a godly woman would want to marry?
  • Do I trust God with my singleness? Do I trust him with my sex life? 

Going to be in prayer and active waiting this week through this as well as other aspects of putting life together. Very exciting. 


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