When God Grabs A Hold of You, He Never Lets Go

Calling God as Father is controversial for some people. However, I think it’s something to celebrate. We are adopted! Like children who are fatherless or without a father, God comes to us and accepts us into his family, loves us, gives us his name, and all the blessings as part of the family. Even if we’re jacked up, messed up, and downright nuts, the Father’s love and pursuit of his children are not dependent on those things. He will still love us and keep loving us until we change because we belong to him. So amazing.

Personally, this has been so crucial for me. When I fail, when I do the things I shouldn’t, don’t do the things I should, waste my life, GIVE UP ON MYSELF, and all the crap of everyday life – this is what keeps me going! It’s not about me being more spiritual for God, giving more of me to him, doing more, doing more – but RESPONDING to what HE is doing to me. He doesn’t give up on me. He pursues. He initiates. He forgives. He is patient. He corrects. He instructs. He guides. He speaks. He listens. HE does it first. How can I not help but to respond to that? No matter what crap I’ve done (seriously, NO matter) – He can handle it. That is SO helpful.

Honestly, it really is wouldn’t you agree? I think that’s really how you grow as God leads you. When you fail, you are freed from despair (to self condemn when you mess up) or works-based religion (to clean yourself up) because Jesus took on all of that wrath and condemnation – you’re forgiven and covered by his perfection. & when you do well, you don’t deserve the credit because none of that would have been possible apart from God  pursuing you first, giving you a new mind, a new heart, a new passion – so all the credit goes to him! Which is great! You don’t get all proud and better-than-thou-ish because you know he started it all.

God’s is so timeless and timely. Thank God for pursuing us as good, loving, and gracious Father – seriously! I’m going to bed tonight with deep joy knowing that I have a perfect Father. (The good news is – so can you!)


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