You Can Handle The Truth

Trinity (the church I am a part of) has been going through a corporate fast as a means to help us refocus our attention on Jesus. So with that freedom, I decided a media fast and refocus would be interesting – meaning I’d cut out some routine entertainment in order to make room for media that would help me refocus on God. Not that the ‘cut and paste’ has anything in itself, but being in a position to hear, wait, and listen to God has been amazing because he does show you what he wants to show you!

Honestly, this has been surprisingly amazing. I haven’t always been consistent with ‘cutting and pasting’, but a few things I’ve noticed have happened: 

  • We have been praying together to God and have been seeing God move and change people. I know I can say that for myself. I’ve been experiencing a heart change – especially in regard to past self-destructive patterns of life. To put it simply, God has been redeeming areas of my life at the most foundational levels of my being (i.e. my desires, my thoughts, my yearnings). I’m realizing that God blesses us whether or not we do a ‘good job’ with life. He blesses us, changes us, and transforms us in Jesus. Seeing Christ and having life centered on him has just been so true and helpful with grinding out life from the day to day. It’s pretty amazing.
  • Cultivation of humility. Humility being knowing my place and knowing who I am in Christ. Going through Ephesians with Mars Hill and simultaneously seeing where God has me in LA has been different, but humbling. I’m learning a lot and have been able to leverage my flexibility at my life stage to learn, grow, be challenged, nourished, and even to the point of beginning to pour out of an overflow at times. Seeing these things  have been so humbling because I’m really seeing God working on me. It’s like a gift that comes undeserved, ill-deserved and unexpected.
  • A love for God and a love for his people. This is interesting because that has been our desire and vision at Trinity for a while. I’m learning that none of this is possible unless I see that I can’t have a desire for God or anyone else if I don’t see and experience his love for me and his people. 
  • Changing the way I struggle with sin. I can actually struggle with sin instead of giving in now. Working out of who I am in Christ changes what I do! Amazing. 

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