Working on Life

Barf From A Day Off Work

Today I am kicking my lazy self in the butt and am working on life. It’s been a few months post-grad and I’ve been more settled. I believe it’s time to get back on track with where God wants me to be and how I should be investing my time, focus, and energy. I know it won’t come overnight, but here are a few ingredients I’m using:

  • Bible & prayer – Gotta start here. The right foundation is essential. 
  • Planner/calendar – For writing down not only daily things to do, but actually ‘seeing’ the next few weeks & months helps in brainstorming loose plans.
  • Notepad – For all the random ideas and to-do’s that pop into my mind. I gotta put it down somewhere or I’ll be overwhelmed and go crazy.
  • Seeking counsel – Bringing my ideas to qualified people that can speak into the ideas that I’ve had
  • Doing it – If I get the green light and the opportunity is there, I’m gonna go for it. No more wasting time. It’s game time.

& For those reading or those that are more seasoned with working on life, how do you maximize your downtime not only for rest (which is really important), but also for monitoring progress with your life? I’d be glad to read your comments below!


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